CEIG Flagship Desktop *Update #2*

We’re working on the desktop today, and were testing the new motherboard. We ran into an issue with the motherboard due to the fittings not being removable. We had extra fittings on hand however, and we were able to solve the problem.


Some Assembly Required



Working out a temporary cooling solution to test the new motherboard and CPU. Here you can see the reservoir and pump in the forward bays.



Double loop to come off of the VRM heatsink.



Wires… Wires everywhere…



Front of the NZXT Switch-810



Lit up and pumping!



The computer is in its testing stages right now, to make sure the motherboard can handle everything. The rest of the liquid cooling setup will be constructed next week, when the parts arrive. The computer booted and now has windows installed. A full temperature report comparing and AMD Six core to the new i7 Haswell will be available soon.

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